Self-Evaluation 1

I took Desktop Publishing last semester to learn more about publishing and to mainly focus on photo compositing. I wanted to learn the basics to see if I would like to do it as a career. The last semester didn’t answer whether or not I wanted to continue this into a career. I know only the basics from Desktop Publishing and need improvement on typography, color correction, and filters. I understand color theory more because of what I’ve learned in previous art classes.I hope this semester I’ll be able to improve on the skills that I learned before.

Last semester most of my work on created on Publisher and I used because that was all I had available at home but recently I got Photoshop and I would like to work on there. My plans are to use Photoshop for most of the semester, but I’ll need to learn more about. Throughout this class I’m looking forward to learn more about typography and color correction to help me when editing my photography. A lesson that I’m most excited for is creating my own font, I had suggested it last semester and I’m glad I’ll be able to do it now. Overall I’m excited to see what I’ll be creating and learning this semester.


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