Self-Evaluation 3

I turned in four assignments, three quotes and one postcard. I originally was trying to create my own font but after trying different techniques available I wasn’t able to create anything that I liked or was proud. I tried to find a different website but by the time I was able to find something that I liked and was free it was too late and I needed to move on.

The post card was one of my favorites and I loved the photo with the font that I used. However, the Thomas Jefferson quote-photo is my favorite out of the four. I love how the quote and photo ties together and share a similar meaning. I believe that one of the most important thing about typography is that everything works together; color, font, background, and meaning.

The Harry Styles photo was just for fun because my sister loves One direction. I know that Styles is known for tweeting random and funky things and I wanted to use one for a project. I like the photo and the quote together and the overall feel to the photo.

The Wiz Khalifa photo was the first one that I tried to get done and rushed and forgot about the size and it ended up really small. I don’t expect to get full points for that photo but wanted to include all that I worked on throughout the whole week.

Overall I like the projects that I created and worked hard, but once again the time management wasn’t very well. I’m a little disappointed that I only was black font in all of the photos and wished that I got out of my comfort zone and tried something new. Looking at the photos in a small-scale I can’t see the font very well and wished that I made it stick out more. Overall with my effort and projects I would a 4 because I wasn’t proud of all the photos I created but worked hard with the time I gave myself.


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