Self-Evaluation 2

For this assignment I decided to create a magazine, like we did last semester. I liked doing the assignment and thought that the idea of a magazine will be able to show all of the skills that I learned last semester. I prepared the magazine by first finding a theme for my magazine. I found the theme when I found out about a fashion photographer named Ger Ger and he normally shot in black and white, so I decided to create a black and white fashion photographers magazine. ┬áThat’s how the magazine got its name as well, fashion and photography, Phashion. In the magazine I used compositing, typography, graphic layout, and a little bit of color theory, considering the fact that there isn’t much color at all. I was able to use Photoshop for most of the compositing and typography and I like it a lot more than but still don’t know all about it or how to use it.

I really like what I created for this assignment and I love creating magazines, but I don’t think I used my time wisely. ┬áHonestly, I didn’t get anything really started or the theme thought of until the start of the second week. I then had to work almost every night the last week to get the magazine finished. I’m disappointed that I didn’t use my time wisely but overall still love the outcome. If I had found the theme faster and had more time to work on it I would have looked for more photos by the photographer and worked on the ads more, I think those were on of the weakest points. I would rate this project with a 4 because I’m proud of what I created and worked hard but didn’t work efficiently.