Self-Evaluation 4


I have created three pieces for this made up company. I created a logo, a magazine ad, and a business card for the skateboard company. The logo was planned with the colors and what will work well together. I planned on keeping it simple so that the chicken itself would stand out more. I really like my logo and worked hard on the design. I would’ve liked to have more time to mess with the font colors to see if it would have worked well, but like it anyway. I would rate myself with a 5.


Self-Evaluation 3

I turned in four assignments, three quotes and one postcard. I originally was trying to create my own font but after trying different techniques available I wasn’t able to create anything that I liked or was proud. I tried to find a different website but by the time I was able to find something that I liked and was free it was too late and I needed to move on.

The post card was one of my favorites and I loved the photo with the font that I used. However, the Thomas Jefferson quote-photo is my favorite out of the four. I love how the quote and photo ties together and share a similar meaning. I believe that one of the most important thing about typography is that everything works together; color, font, background, and meaning.

The Harry Styles photo was just for fun because my sister loves One direction. I know that Styles is known for tweeting random and funky things and I wanted to use one for a project. I like the photo and the quote together and the overall feel to the photo.

The Wiz Khalifa photo was the first one that I tried to get done and rushed and forgot about the size and it ended up really small. I don’t expect to get full points for that photo but wanted to include all that I worked on throughout the whole week.

Overall I like the projects that I created and worked hard, but once again the time management wasn’t very well. I’m a little disappointed that I only was black font in all of the photos and wished that I got out of my comfort zone and tried something new. Looking at the photos in a small-scale I can’t see the font very well and wished that I made it stick out more. Overall with my effort and projects I would a 4 because I wasn’t proud of all the photos I created but worked hard with the time I gave myself.

Self-Evaluation 2

For this assignment I decided to create a magazine, like we did last semester. I liked doing the assignment and thought that the idea of a magazine will be able to show all of the skills that I learned last semester. I prepared the magazine by first finding a theme for my magazine. I found the theme when I found out about a fashion photographer named Ger Ger and he normally shot in black and white, so I decided to create a black and white fashion photographers magazine.  That’s how the magazine got its name as well, fashion and photography, Phashion. In the magazine I used compositing, typography, graphic layout, and a little bit of color theory, considering the fact that there isn’t much color at all. I was able to use Photoshop for most of the compositing and typography and I like it a lot more than but still don’t know all about it or how to use it.

I really like what I created for this assignment and I love creating magazines, but I don’t think I used my time wisely.  Honestly, I didn’t get anything really started or the theme thought of until the start of the second week. I then had to work almost every night the last week to get the magazine finished. I’m disappointed that I didn’t use my time wisely but overall still love the outcome. If I had found the theme faster and had more time to work on it I would have looked for more photos by the photographer and worked on the ads more, I think those were on of the weakest points. I would rate this project with a 4 because I’m proud of what I created and worked hard but didn’t work efficiently.

Self-Evaluation 1

I took Desktop Publishing last semester to learn more about publishing and to mainly focus on photo compositing. I wanted to learn the basics to see if I would like to do it as a career. The last semester didn’t answer whether or not I wanted to continue this into a career. I know only the basics from Desktop Publishing and need improvement on typography, color correction, and filters. I understand color theory more because of what I’ve learned in previous art classes.I hope this semester I’ll be able to improve on the skills that I learned before.

Last semester most of my work on created on Publisher and I used because that was all I had available at home but recently I got Photoshop and I would like to work on there. My plans are to use Photoshop for most of the semester, but I’ll need to learn more about. Throughout this class I’m looking forward to learn more about typography and color correction to help me when editing my photography. A lesson that I’m most excited for is creating my own font, I had suggested it last semester and I’m glad I’ll be able to do it now. Overall I’m excited to see what I’ll be creating and learning this semester.